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    I am happy to announce a new version of the firmware update program for the Arduino based OpenSprinkler (not the Pi or Beagle). This application has more intelligence such as:

    1) Detecting if the device is plugged in but missing drivers
    2) Downloads the appropriate drivers and with an easy setup installer (no more Zadig, etc).
    3) Will not kick v2.1 out of bootloader mode
    4) Shows the full avrdude output on error
    5) Displays the latest firmware and changelog

    The application has been rewritten from C/Qt to Javascript/nw.js and uses Ionic framework for the UI. This means anyone can now easily contribute to the firmware updater as well. I will document with time how to do such things, if people are interested. The program is supported on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit); Mac OS X (Intel-based); and Linux (32 and 64 bit).

    In regard to the Windows driver package, this has been greatly simplified as before user’s would have to run Zadig, find the USBtiny or USBasp device and install the driver. Now, just run the updater application and if driver’s are needed it will automatically download the installer for you which easily installs them. The InnoSetup script and driver packages are also committed to Github here:

    Some future improvements include things like localization (similar to the app/UI of OpenSprinkler).

    Please try the new updater and provide any feedback you may have so we can further improve it. After we get some initial feedback, we will update the documentation/links to reflect the new updater.

    Thank you!




    I’m sorry for my misunderstanding, but I just wanted to make sure that this is for the non-Linux-based OpenSprinklers? I have the OpenSprinkler BeagleBone Black device. Under “About”, on my web interface, I see “App Version: 1.4.6”, “Firmware: 2.1.5 (1)” and “Hardware: OSBo (AC)”. It was my understanding that when there was a firmware update, I’d use a “git pull” and re-run the build script.



    That is absolutely correct and I have updated my post above to reflect that now.

    Yes a git pull is what you do to update however we have plans to streamline the update process for Pi and Beagle users. Another user suggested allowing the app to trigger a hook in the firmware to just update. This is very doable and should be added soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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