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    Is there a way in which only the master valve could be actuated without actuating any other zones simultaneously? I cannot seem to do this through the mobile interface. Perhaps I am missing something.

    In my setup I have garden hose connections down stream of the master valve, on the supply line, but upstream of the zone valves. There are instances where I would like to only activate water to a garden hose connection while not activating any of the irrigation zones.

    I don’t have a spare zone on my controller, which could be used as a dummy zone, thereby providing a workaround for this.



    You could go to controller options and select the next value up for number of stations. Create a new station and set it to RF, then add it to your program using the master or pump station. When OS turns on the dummy RF station the master will come on. As far as i know OS has no way to know if it is successfully communicating with an RF station so it should just “send” signals off into oblivion whether or not the station exists.

    Of course all that is only possible if you have not actually used all 48 available station slots. The only reason I post this when you specifically stated you have no free slots is because most assume you can only use the number of stations matching the physical number of slots. If you have indeed used all 48, then there is no way to schedule the master on it’s own, without setting it to a normal concurrent station and overlapping its run times with your individual station run times.

    I hope this helps



    The easiest way is to use a dummy zone that activates the master station. If you have OpenSprinkler 2.3 (AC/DC) or OSPi, and using the latest firmware (2.1.6), it supports up to 56 stations. You don’t actually need the expansion boards to enable all 56 — you can go to Edit Options and enable all 56 even if you don’t have expansion boards. It’s software defined. Of course if you don’t have the actual expansion boards, those extra stations won’t work physically, but you can still use them as dummy zones, or as virtual stations (such as RF and remote stations).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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