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    Please tell me that opensprinkler doesn’t require an internet connection to load the UI from local lan. I bought the unit to use in a remote location…worked great when I wired and tested it with internet…but now I can’t get the UI to load.

    I don’t care about controlling the unit over the internet, I just want to use my pc/phone to connect to the wireless ap that the unit is plugged into so I can set schedules, turn on sprinklers, and turn them off.

    I can’t update to 2.1.7 at the moment, because the app never actually finishes “updating supported devices”, and it won’t even attempt to connect via USB until that completes (which it doesn’t.). I’m not as worried about that. I just need to change the schedule, and I can’t at the moment.



    I am having the same problem with the OpenSprinkler Updater, it is stuck on the “Updating Supported Device List” and I have an internet connection. It seems that remote list is its Achilles heel, without it you go nowhere.

    My guess is some service is down right now, it would be nice if there was a default list packaged with the updater that it could fall back on.

    It does fairly quickly pick up on the latest Firmware version is 2.1.7.



    There are a couple of reasons I can think of. Probably the most common one is that in Windows it’s likely you have to run the program as Administrator. Specifically, right click the program name and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

    I can’t guarantee that this solves the hanging problem 100%. But on the firmware updater page scroll to the middle and you will find an alternative updater, which is written in Qt and it’s likely to work for all Windows platforms.

    You can access OpenSprinkler without having Internet connection — that requires you to use the OpenSprinkler mobile app (or OpenSprinkler browser plug-ins). The reason is that rendering the UI requires Javascripts which normally are obtained from the OpenSprinkler server, but the mobile app and browser plug-ins have these Javascripts embedded.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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