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    We have just released unified firmware 2.1.9(9). This firmware primarily fixes some of the issues for OpenSprinkler 3 and 2.3, it isn’t very relevant to OSPi. Some of the main changes include:

    * Changing wired Ethernet to use the new EthernetENC library ( This replaces the previous UIPEthernet library with several major bug fixes. This is relevant to OpenSprinkler 3.2 with wired Ethernet module as well as OpenSprinkler 2.3, by hopefully improving their wired Ethernet realibility.

    * Support for using a program to trigger a controller reboot on a regular basis. This can be helpful if you are experiencing WiFi or Ethernet reliability issues, by rebooting the controller once in a while. A program with name :>reboot will trigger a reboot when the controller is idle (i.e. no program is running). A program with name :>reboot_now will trigger a reboot regardless of whether a program may be running or not. Notes: the reboot time will be delayed by 1 minute or so from the start time to avoid the action triggered again right after rebooting. As an example: you can create a program with a start time of 2:00am and runs every day, set the program name to :>reboot. This will trigger a reboot every day at 2:01am (i.e. delayed by 1 minute, so that when it comes back it won’t reboot right away again).

    When creating the program, you still need to select at least one zone to run (as required by the UI) but the firmware will ignore the zone as it can recognize the special program name so will not actually run the zone.

    Some other changes in this firmware include:

    * Support for OpenSprinkler Latch version 3.2. With version 3.2, the Latch version can also support wired Ethernet module like the AC-powered and DC-powered versions.

    * Improve NTC sync by using multiple NTP servers and cycle through them if one is not available. Also improves handling of RTC in case RTC doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.

    * Improve factory reset function for OS 3.0, forcing flash reformat in the case of flash corruption.

    * Allows program’s interval day to be as small as 1 (previously the minimum is 2). This is NOT fully available yet because it still requires UI/app changes to go with it, which we will complete in a few days.

    As usual, if you’d like to upgrade your firmware, please follow the instructions at:


    Kevin Forth

    Thanks Ray. I’ve created a :>reboot program to reboot my OS at 1:00 AM every day. I’ll soon learn if this improves the issue where OS drops from WiFi periodically. (fingers-crossed)



    Thanks for the update Ray.
    Does the program triggered reboot have a unique reboot cause code?
    There are 2 codes, 4 & 5, that both say ‘API Triggered Reboot’. I don’t know why there are 2 for the same cause, but it would good if the program reboot cause could be uniquely identified. Perhaps one of these codes could be for the API Triggered Reboot and the other for the Program Triggered Reboot.




    Removed my smart plug from OS setup, added the reboot program. Thanks for the update.


    [email protected]

    Hi,I have opensprinkler 2.3 with firmware 2.1.9(9) connect by wire,however after several conections I cant connect by App and web UI .I have to switch off device and switch on again. Could you solve this network error on te next firmware please?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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