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    Matt C

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a new OSPi owner and first time poster. I recently purchased the pre-assembled OSPi with Firmware Version 2.0.4 and I love it. The controller typically works just fine, but I am finding that I am losing an IP address after a day or two.

    Here is my setup:
    1. U-Verse internet with Pace 2Wire 3801hgv main router (IP address
    2. WRT54G with dd-wrt loaded and setup in bridge mode (IP address (This box is not providing IP addresses, DHCP is done by the 3801hgv)
    3. OSPi hardwired to WRT54g

    The issue I am having is that the router consistently retains its IP Address, but the OSPi seems to disappear. When I go into the control panel for the 3801hgv, the OSPi originally shows up and I see the MAC Address.

    At this point I have tried two things, I let the router assign the IP address and told the router to assign it, I have also turned off DHCP on the OSPi and manually entered

    When I initially set this up, I can access the the OSPi from my local network and externally thanks to port forwarding. The issue seems to be that after a day or two or three, the connection seems to drop. I have the auto reconnect set to yes on the OSPi and some Keep Alive settings turned on for the WRT54g. The WRT54g does not lose its IP but the OSPi does, it just no longer shows up as an active device on the 3801hgv.

    I can provide more details if necessary, but has anyone else had this issue with the U-verse router? Anything I else should be doing? I’d appreciate any insight the community might have.




    You said OSPi however mentioned firmware 2.0.4. Just to be clear, are you using a Raspberry Pi connected to an OSPi board? Or are you using an Arduino based OpenSprinkler?

    If you are using Raspberry Pi, which OS are you running?


    Matt C

    As I logged on to check this tonight I realized the error in my previous post. I am NOT using OSPi, it is just the standard Opensprinkler. I thought they were the same thing, but clearly they are not.

    Should I repost this in the another forum?



    When you ‘lose the connection’ just press button 1 on OpenSprinkler to see what the IP is. If the IP is still there then it could be something to do with your router. IP ARP entries on any router do timeout after a certain period but it should relearn it after the first packet is sent to the destination IP. The same goes for the MAC address.

    If the IP is missing from OS then the problem is on that side.




    @Matt C: one thing you may want to try is to set a static IP on the OpenSprinkler. Make sure when you do so, you also set the correct gateway IP (i.e. your router’s IP). The issue you encountered may have to do with the DHCP implementation, particularly expiration of DHCP in the open-source EtherCard library that OpenSprinkler uses. Setting static IP may help avoid the issue.


    Matt C


    The problem appeared to be a dd-wrt bridge setup issue, even after setting a static IP. I just bought two Powerline Ethernet adapters and now it has been problem free.

    Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else using a dd-wrt router and U-verse is having the same issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) Problems maintaining IP Address