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    Hi there, got your your OpenSprinkler 2 days ago and trying to get all setup done since then.
    Wifi setup working perfectly.
    Remote access is the one I struggle with. Went through your topics about port forwarding etc.
    On my Netgear router, I changed the following

    Static Leases
    MAC Address Hostname IP Address Client Lease Time
    EC:FA:BC:A8:6F:0C Sprinkler 900 min

    on the Forwards
    Application Protocol Source Net Port from IP Address Port to Enable
    Sprinkler Both 80 80 y

    The OpenSprinkler Shows the same Ip address and Port

    My External IP is

    I installed APP, and added new device. Entered Name and
    Open Sprinkler IP as
    and password.

    But wont connect. Just shows network error.
    Port 80 is not closed by my ISP.

    Using the app on and Iphone which is connected to a different Wifi Network

    How can I find out what I am doing wrong?
    should I be able to conncet to OS by enetering IP as above in Browser?
    How can I check if port forwarding works?

    Any help much appreciated
    Regards Robby



    One thing I’ve seen a few times is that: when you are on your own WiFi network, some routers block the access to its external IP. So you should test it by switching your phone from WiFi to cell connection, and try again. Basically, the idea is that if you are on your WiFi network, you should access it using the internal IP. The external IP is only allowed when you are outside of your home network. At least I know some routers have this restriction.



    Hi Ray,
    thanks for reply.
    But that’s is exactly what I did. Had OS on one network and use the phone on another network. two different routers, ISP etc.

    I did manage by now to get the remote access working on one router but I want to cancel the subsription with this ISP, because its dead slow.

    On my new subsription, I have an older DD-WRT router (Netgear WNR2200) and I cant get anything to work here.
    I can use the app etc on the same network, but not remotely.
    Somehow it seems I can forward the ports. Whatever the port.
    I am puzzled. Maybe its the router itself.Not the youngest.

    If you have any ideas, please let me know



    I suggest you submit a support ticket as we need to ask you for your external IP to do some remote diagnostics. You don’t want to post your external IP publicly here.



    Thanks Ray, will do that on Friday or Saturday, as I am away for a few days.

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