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    I’m just trying to get some clarification with the Program Switch usage when I’m using the Open Sprinkler Pi version – all the documentation I read refers to it running “Program 1”, but on the raspberry pi version I don’t see any reference to Program 1, but instead I can call my programs whatever I like. I was assuming it was maybe referring to the first program in the list (since we can move them up/down etc), but when I tested that theory it didn’t seem to run any programs when I activated the switch on the sensor input…

    Is there something I am missing with the Raspberry pi version in regard to the usage of the program switch?

    Also on a slightly related note, I was wanting to use this switch as a manual start button for any taps/hoses on my main line that aren’t connected via a station and as such I was thinking about using a spare return wire switched in parallel with multiple switches along the line and just using the common as the switch source to simplify needing to run the two sensor wires to all locations. What I’d like to know is how the wiring for the sensor pins is configured – is one of these pins effectively a common pin already?

    Thanks in advance,



    Program 1 means the first program — it does not have to be called ‘Program 1’, it’s just the first program in your list of programs. The switch needs to be pressed for at least 1 second for it to trigger the program.



    Hi Ray,

    I’d like to use OpenSprinkler 3.0 to control my sprinkler system. It will be fed from a rain water tank, which in case it doesn’t contain enough water for the daily water dosage needs to be refilled from the municipal water supply. The water level will be monitored by a level sensor.

    Now my question is, if OS is capable of handling one zone output by time, but with the additional condition of SN2 input (e.g. do not run if there is enough water in the tank).

    Many thanks


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OpenSprinkler Forums OpenSprinkler Unified Firmware Program Switch functionality on rPi version