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    It is possible that I have an incorrect understanding of how this works, so please bear with me.

    When I create a weekly program (Recurring or single pass) it will appear in the home screen time line with the white diagonal lines marking it as a future scheduled event.
    If I modify this program by choosing the “Restrict Day” option (In any form) it will not show up in the time line until it actually runs. It does, however, still run properly.
    If I change the program to be “Interval” instead of “Weekly”, I get the same non-scheduled behaviour.

    Interestingly, the future programed events are visible from the mobile app.

    I’m using software version 2.0.1 as came on the OSPI2 software image.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    It’s not a show stopper by any means, it would just be nice to see when programs are planning to run.


    Dan in CA

    This sounds like a bug in the software.

    I’m guessing you are in Australia. Another user there has reported a similar problem. There will be a major software update shortly which may fix the problem. If the same behavior still exists after the update please report back an I will dig into it.

    It would be helpful to know your timezone and an example program that shows the problem.




    Hi Dan,

    Yes, I am in Australia, and I’m glad someone else can see the same issue. Apologies for the slow response, but there was a long weekend here!

    My time zone is +9:30 and a test program setup as follows:
    New program using S02 (S01 is the designated master valve and is required by S02) with schedule set to “Interval” of 2 days.
    New program using S03 (S01 is the designated master valve and is required by S03) with schedule set to “Weekly” but “Restrict Day” option to set watering to “odd” days only.
    Both programs are defined as single pass, and the time of day appears to make no difference.

    In both cases, the program runs correctly, and is visible in the Timeline AFTER it has run, but is not visible as a scheduled event BEFORE it runs.

    I notice that you have announced an updated software version for the OSPi, so I will test that tonight and update the thread.




    I can confirm that the 2.1.1 update does not correct this issue.



    OK, I’m not entirely sure why, but it is now all working correctly.
    I’m not entirely sure what I did to achieve it (And I truly hate that!) so I’ll list the things that I did do:
    1. Upgraded to the 2.1.1 software and rebooted the OSPi.
    2. Created a daily program that was scheduled to run every day.
    3. Rebooted the OSPi again, via the web GUI this time.
    4. Cleared the cache on my web browser.
    5. Accessed the web page using a local URL instead of via a DDNS entry that points at the public interface of my router.
    6. Deleted my test program, and went back to accessing everything as I always did.

    I’m not sure which combination of those worked, or why, but all is good now.
    Nice work all!



    Further update: When I got to work the next day, my PC at work was exhibiting the same symptoms as I had been experiencing from my laptop at home. This time, I did nothing more than clear the web browser cache and the problem was resolved.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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