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    Brendan Coupe

    I’m ruining OpenSprinkler on the original Pi. I’m running the unified firmware which is up to date.

    I have set the Weather Adjustment Method to Automatic with a duration of 72 hours. This has worked well this winter and thanks to IFTTT I am notified when the rain delay is activated or deactivated.

    We’ve had so much rain in Southern California this winter that I decided to manually set the rain delay to about 30 days a few days before we were going out of town for the holidays. Before we left we had some more rain and the OSPi reset the rain delay to 72 hours. Luckily I caught this and was able to disable OSPi before we left town.

    I believe that the firmware should only set the rain delay the default Delay Duration if it’s less than the current rain delay duration.




    OK, I see what you mean. We haven’t quite thought about the interaction between auto rain delay and manual rain delay. You bought up a good point and I’ve added this to todo list for next round of firmware revision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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