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    I have two 3.0 controllers, each with their own fixed IP address. After a few mistakes, I got one of the controllers to operate as a remote controller. I could turn on a sprinkler on the remote controller from the main one I was controlling via the app. A couple of days later, however I seem to have lost that ability.

    The remote controller still says it is configured as an Extender when I control that controller directly. And I can turn on and off zones directly on that controller. But when I go the the other controller and try to turn on a remote zone, it doesn’t work. As I said, it WAS working, but now isn’t and I don’t think I changed anything.

    BTW, I don’t know if this is a known bug, but after I realized the remote function wasn’t working, I decided to create a program on the remote controller. I had each station listed as sequential. When I went to run that program, the controller turned on ALL program zones simultaneously. Needless to say this stressed the poor transformer a bit (it was reading something like 1500ma draw on the 500 ma AC transformer).

    Is there any way to turn OFF Extender mode?



    When a controller is in ‘extender’ mode, I think its stations’ sequential flags are ignored (I will check to confirm). This is because in extender mode, it’s supposed to be operated by a master controller, and it merely passively listens to command from the master controller. So if the zones on master controller are set as sequential, then the remote zones are also sequential; and if the zones on the master controller are not sequential, so are the remote zones.

    You can turn off extender mode by typing in the IP address of your remote controller, go to Edit Options -> Advanced, and check of Extender mode. You can also do this on the controller physically by using buttons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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