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    I request additional, new station info:

    – Description. multiline text box to allow documenting a station.
    I might document number of heads, types of heads, brand and model.
    I might notate last time I replaced them, etc.
    Allow me to document my sprinkler system inside the sprinkler system.

    – Flow rate. 9999.999 number. default = 0. allow negative (for pumps?)
    – Flow rate units. Default = Gal/Hr (most common for residental)
    dropdown list of options:
    Gal / Hour
    Gal / Minute
    Liter / Hour
    Liter / Minute
    This would allow specifying a range of:
    0.001 Gal / Hour all the way up to 9999.999 Gal / Minute.

    – Minimum run time. per station.
    Number, default = 00:00. Min:Secs
    So, if a “weather based level” or “monthly level” algorithm
    or any other add-on algorithm modifies the program time,
    there is a floor value. If the calculated time is less than
    the minimum, run the station for ZERO, but also log the entry.
    Still log the program ran, just with 0 time on this station.

    Add to the log:
    using the flow rate and flow rate units, add a column to the log
    of “volume used” (number) and “flow units” (gallons or liters)
    Do the math to convert TIME RUN X flow rate to get result and add columns
    to the log.
    This way, can download the log and directly compute total consumption
    per day, wekk, month, per station, per program, etc.



    You should try out the BeagleBone Black version, you can add a LOT more sensors to it, AND you can attach a small multi-line screen to it. You can also connect a full touch screen system to it, and track all that information right onboard. If you have the web design experience, you can also just get a nice fancy UI loaded into a default web app display like dolphin instead of the full window system. This way it’s locked into one single “web page” on the local BBB.

    you’ve giving me some good ideas.



    Hi, we are working on adding flow sensor support to the firmware and at the moment the plan is to support one flow meter connected to the rain sensor port. So the rain sensor port will have dual functions: you can either use it to connect a rain sensor or a flow sensor. At the moment we cannot support more than one flow sensor — but in most cases one flow sensor is probably sufficient, especially since in most cases the stations run in sequential mode. Robert on the forum has provided his implementation of flow sensor, and our code will be based on his as a starting point.



    I am not asking for flow sensor support. I am asking for ability to manually enter a flow rate per station.
    Each value will have a different amount of water flow because it has different number of sprinkler heads, etc.

    Can you direct me to where I can find the code from Robert you refer to?



    @jking1224: it doesn’t conflict with the support for flow sensor: if you have a flow sensor, it can measure the flow rate more accurately by taking flow rate directly from the sensor; otherwise you can enter a flow rate manually. So each station will indeed have a ‘flow rate’ attribute, which can be either manually set or set automatically if you have a flow sensor.




    I absolutely support the idea of a software based calculation of water consumption described by jking1224. Eventually, I started a new thread in the mobile app forum about the same idea, as I have not read this thread before. Pls delete that one if you wish.



    Just curious as to how things are progressing with your exploration of adding flow-rate sensor capabilities & the extent of functionality that you are contemplating. In general, I thing the following features would be helpful to a wide base of users:

    ° Ability to setup / record normal flow rate for any given zone & save that Value for ongoing analysis.
    ° Once the above has been accomplished; monitoring flow rates of each zone as it runs its normal programmed schedule. If the measured flow rate of any given zone is above or below a defined percentage from the established normal flow; automatically send an email to the address(es) of your choice; to alert homeowner / irrigation contractor that there appears to be a problem and that the zone in question should be checked. This could save a fortune in water billes (& wasted water) by promptly alerting users of possibly broken irrigation heads or cuts in drip tubing. Rather than waiting to see a sky-high water bill; you are promptly advised of problem areas; so that you can fix the problem, or at least disable that zone until you do have an opportunity to check it out.

    A bonus feature would be the ability to save this information in your logs (if you have logging enabled) and even calculate the number of Gallons / Liters of water used by zone or program.

    This hits home for me; as I just got my water bill today and it went up from $150,00 to $670.00 month to month. I now know that I need to perform a walk-through inspection of my entire system for broken heads / lines; but it would have been great if I could have discovered the problem early on and avoided the extra $500 in water fees.

    Regardless, Ray & Samer have done incredible work on this platform & I truly appreciate everything they do when it comes to listening to customer requests and trying to bring the most popular requests to fruition. (While I don’t live in California; the speed with which a Califorinia Drought specific prorgram was rolled out was lightning fast and something that I have never seen successfully executed by any other irrigation controller company.) You guys ROCK & your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for all the time you put into dealing with the liteny of user requests.!



    I am very interested in Barry’s suggestions. Has anyone done this?

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OpenSprinkler Forums Comments, Suggestions, Requests Request to add new details to stations: flow rate, description.