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    I have a OSPI 1.43+ and a 40VA 24V AC power supply, a RPI3 (not +) is plugged on it, with a zigbee dongle on it. nothing else is connected (no valves, no hdmi, no wifi) however the RPI keeps dying or hanging, its uptime is ok when nothing runs on it, but as soon as I launch a couple of apps (opensprinkler and homeassistant) it is too much for the OSPI. From reading the forum I was expecting that with a 40VA power supply it would be more than enough to power the RPI3 in particular given there’s not even a single valve plugged yet ?

    Testing another RPI3 without anything plugged to it but ethernet it still keeps restarting as soon as any apt-get command is executed. Don’t see how it is at all possible to power a RPI3 with the board. I don’t have a 2 to try it but am starting to suspect the issue is with OSPI ?



    Try to plug in a microUSB cable connected to a USB adapter to power RPI additionally with USB power. The issue is not with 40VA power adapter, the issue is that when OSPi was designed, it was only meant to drive 0.5 to 1amp on 5V line, and since then the new RPIs each version keeps requiring more current so it can’t keep up. Providing USB power to RPi directly should address this issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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