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    Hi, I’m not a programmer, I’m a gardener and have and love Open Sprinkler! I use it at one of our restaurants right now for our beautiful hanging baskets and other flower arrangements. Our customers are in awe of our nice flowers, it is part of the experience of our restaurant. I had interest to set up this system using OS to meet the demands of how busy it is here, for we cannot waste any time watering our own plants any more. The types of flowers we use need individual irrigation control to each basket and section for optimal growth and flowering.
    The point I want to make is this, I need an input data acquisition device that can monitor and count digital events such as this little device by control by web which I have included as an attachment. I need this kind of thing to be able to keep track of each basket as the top layer of soil goes dry, for this is when it is time to water each one and not before. I would much rather use OS controller web interface to visually see the condition of each basket and also trigger irrigation to each basket. I would be overjoyed if you could make the system to have a sensor only expansion board exactly like your present expansion board but for input data inquisition and triggering.
    We run many restaurants like this and I would much rather use your product rather than control by web. Is it possible?
    will you consider.
    Thank you.



    FWIW I have built a remote sensor to trigger OpenSprinkler to trigger my drip irrigation system. I have strawberries planted in gutters along the perimeter of my deck and the soil dries out quickly. I used a Vegetronix VH400 soil moisture sensor to measure the soil in the gutters. When it gets dry, OS turns on the zone and waters it. You can see the charts here

    My setup involves a custom circuit and some programming but they also sell a controller board that might work for you. I’ve not used it but it looks pretty simple. Check out


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