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    At the moment I can not see the logs. The page always in loading.

    My opensprinkler is 300 Km away fro mmy house …

    In HW 3.0 the SD card is default installed?

    I have opened ticket to support since 2 days …

    Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Thanks, regards



    I’m having a bit if trouble responding. So here I go again. Try this Link

    Just keep in mind you will lose your data.



    I will try as soon possible.




    Hi Richard,

    at the moment the problem is solved called API with parameters:****&day=all

    You know from what may depend on the log crashed?

    Best Regards



    Same problem here with AC version. Loading the logs won’t work.
    It keeps loading and then it’s telling me there is an error.

    I’ve just cleared the logs now. Let’s see what it does…

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    I don’t know what causes the log crash, however the problem began for me after I installed a flow sensor and enabled it. Hopefully someone who knows a bit more about the firmware will respond.



    If the logging problem started after installing a flow sensor, then I suspect the issue is that there is too much log data that exceeded the flash memory space allocated to data storage (which is 1MB by default). If you have a way to roughly estimate how much there there is on an average day, please let me know so we can figure out how much data is accumulated. We will probably have to implement a way to erase old log data when too much is accumulated. Of course there is also the possibility that the SPIFFS (flash) library has a bug causing this, which we can investigate further.



    I have the same issue!
    Where is the SD card located on 3.0?



    After ten days of normal functioning in which I saw the logs, starting from today they are blocked again.
    Now I have performed the reset again and I will see if the logs will work properly again.
    The ten connected stations are started in average one time a day so I have about ten events per day. Could you please simulate this scenario in your lab as well? Is it possible that nobody has the same problem? How amount the storage memory for logs 1 or 3 MB?



    This seems consistent with what I have also seen. Ill also reset mine again and see if i can tell when the problems start to occur.



    OK, so I too had this problem. I took a look at the logs on my OSPi and found a few strange entries across the last 6 months of files:

    [254,4,120,1485693673, inf]
    [99,4,120,1485696549, inf]
    [99,4,120,1485697194, inf]
    [99,4,120,1485698351, inf]
    [4,4,108,1486404109, inf]
    [4,4,117,1487008918, inf]

    If you have a flow meter enabled then the final field should be the flow rate associated with the station run. I think the “inf” could be the result of a divide by zero error and the log entries are rejected by the App and trigger the UI error message. Removing these lines resulted in successful logs being displayed for me in the UI. Looking at the code, this could happen if you have a Flow Meter enabled and short duration/low flow runs (my station 4 is just a single dripper for < 2 minutes).

    I would be interested to know if this is the same issue as mentioned above and in #46873. To check, on OSPi, you can login to the Pi, change into the log directory and type “grep inf *” to see if any of your logs have this. On OS (and OSPi), you can use the web api to download all of the logs by typing “http://os_ip:8080/jl?hist=300” into a web-browser (may need MD5 password hash if enabled) and take a look. You can then delete just the individual daily files rather than the entire log history. Let me know.



    Thanks Peter, for posting your findings. It sounds like the inf value associated with flow sensor may be the culprit. I can talk to Samer to quickly get the UI updated to avoid this issue, and in the next firmware prevent such inf values from being written to the log.

    By the way, OS 3.0 does not have a built-in SD card, instead, it write log files to its internal flash memory space. So no SD card necessary.


    Fabien Naudy

    I have the same problem that you.
    In my case, my OpenSkrinkler reboot after few seconds when I try to read logs.
    I have no idea to fixed the problem.
    See my topic



    I’ve just responded to you in the previous thread:

    Restart when i read the log



    Ten days ago I thought this thread had solved my problem, but now I seem to be back at square one.

    I have a v3.0 DC controller configured with one expansion board, controlling 20 stations all up. I have six individual programs running on a seven day cycle, with a mix of sequential and non-sequential stations. I don’t think there’s anything else special about my configuration—no other sensors or anything like that.

    As I recall, everything worked as expected for about the first 16 days (based on the log entries that I have managed to save). Then, on the 17th day, I was unable to display any log entries through the web interface. I didn’t know whether or not this may simply have been related to something I did in the set-up phase (the problem was with a newly installed controller) so, after retrieving the log entries via the API (they were all there, just not displaying through the web interface), I cleared the logs (per advice in this thread) and all was well… for about another 8 days…

    This morning I went to check the log, as I have done on a more or less daily basis since I cleared the logs (on Jan 4) and received the “Nothing to display” message. I then tried to retrieve the logs through the API but this time there was nothing there either.

    I ran a program manually, just to see if anything was actually being logged, and sure enough, there was a log entry, but only this one, most recent entry.

    The previous log file I managed to save contained 199 entries. By my estimation there would have been less than 100 entries in the log as of yesterday.

    If I knew I had to save the log file periodically, I could probably live with that (although it’d be nice not to have to do that more often than about once a month), but this doesn’t look like an ‘overflow’ problem. In the most recent case, the log has actually been deleted. Could I have deleted the log inadvertently? Well, anything’s possible, but I really don’t think I would have.

    Has anyone else following this thread seen anything similar, or is it just me?

    I do recall reading somewhere that the log entries are kept for something like one year. What happens then? Are just the year-old entries deleted? Could there be a problem with this process that is leading to premature deletion?

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