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    I’m running OS hardware ver 2.1 with firmware 2.1.5 (1) and app ver 1.8.1.
    We’ve been under severe water restrictions for about a year now with no watering of gardens allowed at all so have not run my OS for quite some time.
    I’ve recently installed a rain water storage tank with pressure pump so I can at least water the garden this summer.
    I re-enabled my programs but noticed that the sprinklers only ran for very short times, then I remembered the water level adjustment that OS does but even with a few consecutive very hot days the water level remained at 6%.
    I checked my setting and was still using my pre-existing WU API key and location set to my PWS. The weather icon detail shows fine on the OS APP or browser page but the water level was not being recalculated…

    I’ve spent the past couple of days searching this forum and found many posts about WU API key and noticed one that stated the API key will no longer work at the end of 2018.
    So I removed my API key and reset my location (took a few attempts) until I got the weather data showing again, hoping that the water level would recalculate again…

    No such luck…
    I discovered that if I set the water adjustment method to manual, save the settings then set the “% Watering” to say 20%, save the settings, then set back to Zimmerman then the water level stays at the level I manually set still with no recalculations…
    Yesterday evening, while it was actively raining, the water level was still at 6% and the program ran to water the garden…

    As I mentioned above, I am still running firmware 2.1.5 so was wondering if I need to update?
    I hadn’t done the updates past 2.1.5 as I didn’t think I really needed them…



    okay, so I finally got my DIY OS 2.1 firmware upgraded to 2.1.7 using the instructions from here
    but with a minor change. The instructions show to use chip type m644p which didn’t work on my DIY OS, having a look at the chip I saw 644A printed on it so used the m644 option with avrdude and then it could read the chip…
    Thankfully I didn’t brick my OS and it booted back up after the upgrade, with factory reset as per the instructions so I started setting up the options again…
    I also see the app version is now 1.8.2
    The water level recalculations still do not seem to be working but I now also have another issue…

    The clock time zone is set to -05:00 and I can’t find a way of setting it to my timezone (+02:00). I tried turning off “Use NTP” and I could set the date and time if wanted but timezone is still disabled.
    This has effectively put my OS 7 hours “behind” and my scheduled programs will be off…
    The Location in the options is set to my correct location…

    Anyone know how I can set the timezone?



    I’ve managed to set the timezone to +02:00
    I exported the settings to the json file and found the tz value and changed it from 28 (seems to be the default) to 56, saved the file and then imported settings using that file and not my timezone is correct, still can’t set it from the web/app interface anywhere…

    Still have the water level not re-calculating issue (and and issue with current day sunrise and sunset times – posted separately)…



    Did you set the weather algorithm to ‘Zimmerman’? The default weather algorithm is ‘manual’ which does not automatically calculates water level.

    The other thing to check is swipe left to right (or click the upper-left corner icon) on the homepage to open the left-side menu, then click ‘Diagnostics’. See the ‘Last Successful Weather Call’ time stamp, is it fairly recent? If the time stamp is empty or not recent, that means the weather call is being blocked by something, maybe your router’s firewall.



    Thank you for the reply, Ray.
    The diagnostics showed that it was not getting a successful weather call which is strange as I captured the traffic on my network from the OS and could see the calls to and could even see the reply with the same data I get if I put the call URL into a browser.
    The only strange thing is that both my capture and proxy see the URL as “http://*/” which seems a little odd…
    Based on my test I knew my firewall was not the issue so I then looked at my proxy and setup a bypass rule for the OS.
    Now OS gets successful weather calls and the water level calculations are happening, so I guess my proxy is not happy with something. I’ll leave it with the bypass for now until I figure out its issue…

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