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    Hello there,
    the more I get to know OS and the more I think it’s totally cool ! 🙂

    There’s something I’m not sure I understand.

    In the options I see a “Watering time” global option which by default is set to 100% and the tooltip says I can adjust it between 0 and 250%.

    I think I understand that this percentage would be applied to every program duration right ? So if I set it to 50% instead of say 10 minutes that program would run for just 5 and so on.

    What is not very clear is what happens when I go over 100% and the extension of the duration of a given program breaches into the start time of a subsequent program when as in my case the option I use is sequential since I do not have a great waterflow.

    To make an example say I normally have a P1 program starting at 0900 and ending at 0915 and a second one P2 starting at 0920 until 0940. If I change watering time from 100% to 200% P1 would want to run from 0900 to 0930 as P2 would want to go from 0920 to 1000, but as I have sequential will P1 be cut short and P2 commence at 0920 or what ?

    Hope I made the matter clear 🙂

    Thanks a lot



    The end time only gets factored in to decide if the program can repeat (based on the interval duration). Basically, if the first run pushes past the end time the program won’t repeat.

    With that said, no program ever will arbitrarily stop due to end time.

    Hope that helps



    Thank you so much. So if I understand the algorithm is more or less:

    Open valve at start time and close it at start time+duration then if there’s a repeat value add it to the start time and check if this new time is before the end time if so execute if not don’t.

    Hope that with your help I got it ! 🙂



    @rjalex: your understanding is correct.

    The algorithm first checks if the current time is between start time and end time (inclusive). If so, it then checks if the current time minus start time is a multiple of interval time (i.e. if (current time – start time) / interval is an integer, 0 included). If so, the program is scheduled to run.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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