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    I am running the BeagleBone Black version of open sprinkler. So far it is running very well. The only problem I had was with the USB wifi not working. It would connect but drop shortly after. Finally went with the TP-Link TL-WR702N nano router. There are plenty of posts on the internet regarding the usb wifi drivers and there may be some fixes… but did not want to deal with it. The TP-Link works great.

    I noticed that when naming the stations the web app allows 32 chars but the mobile app only allows 16 chars for the names of the stations. If you name them on the web app with more then 16 chars they display correctly on the mobile app but you can’t save as it complains that must be less than 16 chars. Not a huge deal but seems like an easy fix.

    I could not find a place to turn or turn of logging on the mobile app. I have it turned on in the web app and the display log is working on the web but nothing is displaying on the mobile app. Are the logs the same for both apps? I noticed there is a thread about the logs no displaying on the mobile side. Just wanted to mention the lack of a turn on/turn off of the logs in the mobile side. Not a huge deal…. but pointing it out.

    My controller is outside and I live in Phoenix. We have had some hot days and the temp on the beaglebone is holding around 72 degrees C max. I am more concerned about soldering joints on the open sprinkler board melting….. We will see how it does in August!!!!



    Thank you for the post!

    I am pushing a fix for the station name length right now, thanks!

    The logging feature is new in the native app and still being massaged in however the point you bring up is a good one and I will be adding this in the settings soon. I think only OSPi supports turning this feature on/off. I will check with Ray to see if the Arduino version will have that feature.



    On the Arduino/microcontroller-based OpenSprinkler, logging is supported with firmware 2.0.6. It’s automatically enabled whenever a microSD card is detected. There is currently no switch to turn it on or off, but should be easy to add.



    Just out of curiosity, while it will probably take years for the sd card to fill up, is there a way to delete the logs without pulling the sd card and deleting it from another device?



    Yes, deleting a log file is done via:
    where x.x.x.x is your opensprinkler’s ip address, pw is the password, day is the epoch time in days. To find the epoch time, google ‘epoch time’ and divide the long number by 86400 (number of seconds in a day). For exampe, for July 5, 2014 it is 16256.

    I know this is a rather awkward way to delete a log file manually, and a better way to delete the log file will be added soon which allows you to select a day in the UI and delete it that way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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