Announcing OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.2.0(1)

Today we’ve officially released OpenSprinkler firmware 2.2.0(1). As you may have noticed on this forum post, this firmware is a major revision from the previous firmware 2.1.9. Most of the new features are thanks to Valeriy Soltan’s excellent work almost 2 years ago (I know, time flies during the pandemic), including support for sequential groups, setting a date range for each program, support for pausing and resuming stations, shifting zones forward, more flexible master on/off adjustment times etc. In addition, we’ve added a device name parameter, which is included in all IFTTT notifications; and a new weather adjustment method called ‘Monthly’ adjustment is added to set a manual watering percentage per month. For OpenSprinkler 3.x only — one major step forward is the support of OpenThings Cloud (OTC) token, which allows remote access via the OTC cloud server. This eliminates the need for settings up port forwarding, which has been a pain for manual users. OTC has been enabled for our OpenGarage product for a while, and it seems to be working pretty well, so this is a good time to enable OTC for OpenSprinkler as well. A major benefit of OTC is that the same web interface / UI is available both locally and remotely, and OTC server serves as a real-time ‘relay’ between the firmware and user, it doesn’t actually store any date on the cloud server. Another step forward for OpenSprinkler 3.x is upgrading ESP8266 core to version 3.0.2 (the latest ESP8266 core for Arduino). In important benefit of this is that the WiFi and wired Ethernet are unified, through the lwip library available in this core version. As a result, wired Ethernet and WiFi use exactly the same interface functions, so all WiFi features (including OTA update) are also supported by wired Ethernet. Moreover, this allows OTC to be supported by both WiFi and wired Ethernet as well.

We’ve release a test version of firmware 2.2.0 a month ago and since then have been working on fixing bugs both in the firmware and the UI. At this point, the firmware is ready to be released to the public, and we are really excited. The full list of new features can be found in the Github release notes. As usual, firmware update instructions can be found on our support website at Since this firmware is very new, bugs and issues are probably inevitable. If you encounter any problem, please be patient and file a support ticket at We will try to handle them as quickly as we can.