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OpenGarage is an open-source, universal garage door opener. It has built-in WiFi, cloud support, and automation feature.

OpenGarage works with most garage door systems. For Security+ 2.0 systems (which has a yellow learn button), you will need to buy a Security+ 2.0 adapter as an add-on.

EU (particularly German) customers: check this page for OpenGarage EU distributor.

Volume discount available (see below for details).

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Have you ever unintentionally left your garage door open after leaving home, and got stressed or worried about it? OpenGarage comes to rescue! With OpenGarage, you can monitor the door status, close or open it from anywhere, check history, get notifications, and even delegate it to auto-close the door with the automation feature. OpenGarage is an open-source, universal garage door opener. It has built-in WiFi and cloud support. The hardware is based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip.

EU (particularly German) customers: check this page for OpenGarage EU distributor.

Main Features:

  • Universal WiFi garage door opener. (Note: Security+ 2.0 systems requires a compatible adapter or remote).
  • Built-in web interface for local access and configurations.
  • Remote access through cloud connection.
  • Support for logging, history graph, push notifications, and automation feature.
  • Built-in ultrasonic distance sensor, button, relay, sound alarm. A magnetic switch sensor can also be used for sensing door status.
  • Open-source product, with spare digital/analog pins for adding additional sensors or components.

Package includes:

  • One assembled and tested OpenGarage controller with 3D-printed enclosure.
  • One 6ft microUSB cable.
  • One 6ft door button wire (2-conductor).

Optional add-ons (NOT included by default):

  • USB wall adapter (if you can’t find a spare USB adapter)
  • Security+ 2.0 add-on (for garage door systems with a yellow learn button).

Links and Resources:

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1.5 in
Add USB Adapter

No, Yes (+$10)

Add Security+ 2.0 Adapter

None, 893MAX universal remote (+$30), 883LM door button (+$25)

9 reviews for OpenGarage (WiFi garage door opener)

  1. miles.rick (verified owner)

    Very well designed and built. Installed easily and worked first time. I purchased two devices for double garage doors. No adjustments needed. Very powerful and flexible firmware. Next I want to utilize the open source firmware and hardware to add a temperature sensor monitor and BLYNK log.

  2. Tom.Grotto (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to setup and install. Setting it up to work with the Blynk app was a no- brainer and it integrated perfectly with my Home Assistant smart home server. Just watch the videos and/or follow the well written and simple instructions.

    Notes to the Developer:
    Suggestion: The relay wire that was supplied with the unit could have been at least 2 feet longer.
    Bug Report : If the WiFi SSID has an apostrophe (‘) in its name, the user will need to manually correct the SSID name field after selecting the connection.

  3. Jmiller (verified owner)

    I’ve got 2 of them and they have been in service for about a year. I love it. Easy to install and configure.
    Ever since I installed them I have not had to worry about the call from my wife about closing the garage door. Great peace of mind to be able to check the door status and know the timers are there, especially when the kids are home or you just get that nagging feeling, “did I…”
    Good job.

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Wow it this a great device. Super simple to set up and deploy. I was using a SUPER expensive solution from Asante SmartHome and it was a total pain in the #$%. It was so bad I had to put it on a remote power switch so that when I needed it I could remotely boot it. This totally cures the “hmmmm did I close my garage door?” I love the feature that shows your car is actually in the garage.

  5. infernalaanger (verified owner)

    This thing is great! Very easy installation and setup. Much sturdier build than I imagined it would have been. So far I’m really impressed and happy with this purchase. If I had to pick one thing to improve, the wire for the relay could be longer, I had to get a little creative with running the wire in order to make it to the location I wanted the unit.

  6. Tim Meehan

    Purchased an OpenSprinkler 3.0 about a year ago to replace a RainBird system. I hated programming the RainBird. In comparison, OpenSprinkler’s web-based interface is a joy. I’m sure the plants appreciate the increased care in the watering schedule as well. I’m going to give these out as gifts for the holidays.

  7. Bret

    Doesnt get much easier, great service and support. Highly recommend.

  8. Patrick

    I’ve had two of them deployed now for close to a year and they have been great. Easy to setup, easy to integrate into other home automation tools. A+ design. I recommend them to everyone I know.

  9. Naii (verified owner)

    Had to make an account comment but I’m giving these products 5 STARS. Your products are nicely simple to implement, affordable and has good quality. My favor part about these products is the fact it’s “LAN centric” or “LAN focused” in other words….you don’t need some cloud or internet to use these products. These products work out the box fully functional-able! Just add it to your network and boom you can use it. I wish y’all would continue to develop more open things products or even security products as well or even maybe like a RC car that works with the network. I defiantly have this website bookmarked on all my browsers.

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