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Brendan Coupe

I just moved from 2.0.3 to 2.1.2 and my CPU is maxed out. /usr/bin/python is using 95% of the CPU.

I was not able to upgrade using the instructions that I found on the wiki.

The first link appears to be broken (all links may have the same double http problem – using Chrome on Linux):


BROKEN: http://http//

After upgrade I got an internal server error. It appears that snames.txt in 2.0.3 has been renamed to snames.json in 2.1.2. Simply renaming the file did not fix the error. I decided to start clean rather than deal with any other upgrade issues.

The only file that I copied from the 2.0.3 data directory is the programs.json file. The CPU is maxed out with both the clean (no programs) programs.json file and the one copied from the 2.0.3.