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I’m looking to move to either the RPi or BBB version in the near future, after finding the low-level management of memory and TCP/IP stack on the microcontroller version a bit beyond me.

Whilst the OS-Pi customer base is likely much¬†larger, that forum is where the development of the interval program which runs on both the RPi and BBB is based, so I’m guessing this is taking activity away from the OS-Bo forum too.

I was going to go for the RPi B+ version, simply because my OCD-tendencies were having trouble with the untidy angle that OS-Bo 1.1 sits at, but I’ve decided I need to get over it and decide objectively. In my defence, it will be mounted in a transparent outer enclosure with the cover off, and I will be using a longish USB WiFi adapter that would stick out at a funny angle across the inside of the enclosure.

I’m now leaning toward the OS-Bo, as the additional UARTs will come in useful for my intended application. Ultimately I will be using parts of both the P8 and P9 headers, but I’m having difficulty working out from the pictures in the manual if they are all physically available.

Can someone tell me if a using a USB WiFi adapter obstructs the OS-Bo 1.1 P8 breakout at all, or is there adequate clearance to be able to solder in and use pin headers?