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Hi Ray,

OK, something is definitely broken with the microSD card access, for me at least. You recommended I remove the card and reformat — and I did just that (see above). In short, I reformatted, and ran a couple of run-once programs and confirmed they were logged correctly. Over recent days, I would occasionally check “view logs” to ensure I could still see those run-once program logs, and I could.

Well, it rained here Tuesday/Wednesday so I manually disabled the controller. Today (Thursday) is my regular watering day. At 6AM, I opened up the app on my iPhone to double check that the system did NOT run since I had disabled it. Go to “view logs” and precisely the same behavior I got before:

  • “No entries found in the selected date range” (i.e my prior logs have disappeared)
  • the sluggish / waiting behavior where the waiting icon spins for longer than usual in middle of screen
  • same behavior from iPhone app or web interface

Interesting to me that this failure was noticed during the regularly scheduled time to run the program (i.e. Thursday morning – same as last week), although the system was actually disabled and therefore did not actually run during this time. Not sure if that is relevant, or coincidence. Unfortunately I do not know if actual irrigation is affected, since I had manually disabled my system due to rain.

Any ideas what the problem might be?