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Dan in CA



Thanks for the update and documentation.

In order to test MQTT I have installed both IA92

Old but still useful like me and also MQTT-spy

on my Windows system. They are both java based and should run on any OS with a JRE installed. This enables me to monitor the messages from the MQTT broker.

I have been testing the addition of the  Blinker module to the OSPi distribution. It looks like both Blinker and the Mosquitto client can be added without licensing problems. This will eliminate the need for users to install the modules as a separate step.

I also plan to add a data payload to the signals that Blinker provides which can be used in the MQTT message to provide a bit more specific information about the state of the system after a change. there may also be some additional activity in the core program that would be worth reporting via Blinker.

Thanks for your contributions to the project. This will make plugin creation much easier.