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Well I wish I could say I’ve got it figured out.  But I just can’t quite seem to nail this one down.  It is something with scanning of the traffic…but I don’t know what.  When I have any module on that scans the traffic the calls to Wunderground climb at a rate of 2/minute.  How ever as I watch the firewall logs it looks like everything is going through.   I turn off the modules and the calls drop to 1 every 15 minutes.

I used the query provided earlier and ran it with all the scanning modules off and then with just the webfilter on( I restarted my browser and cleared the web cache between tries as well.)  I received the same results both times and the response time was about 2 seconds.  I would think if the traffic was being blocked I wouldn’t get a result or if scanning was slowing down the response I would’ve seen a noticeable lag with the webfilter on.  The results on Wunderground were consistent as well.  With the modules off it was 1 call and done; with the webfilter on calls climbed.

When I get a chance I’ll post to the Untangle forums to see if anybody over there has an idea what may be happening.

For now, I’m going to shut the controller off as it isn’t being used right now.  I’ll turn it back on when I need to do some more testing.  Hopefully I can get it figured out before Spring rolls around as I would really love to use the weather feature of the controller.