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I thought the GUI/App would not like the additional data but it ends up I was putting the data in the wrong order (epoch time spot instead of after it).  So now that I placed it after it here is what it looks like, and seems to work on the HTTP GET for the log as well as the GUI/API seems to work and just ignore the extra GPM data.  With the HTTP GET it passes all the data including the additional GPM info (see below partial data from the HTTP GET):

[99,4,10,1426886894, 8.23]

The 8.23 is the GPM measured.

If you think this will interfere in the future we can move it outside of this standard logfile.  I tried creating a new logfile but then had to create utilities to get the data, etc and then moved it back to the existing logfile .  So ideally if we can keep it in the same logfile to avoid duplication of data/functions I’d probably prefer that.