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Newbee here. After a few days with a OSbb and an RFtoy in hand, I have a few suggestions.

The first is to add forum sections for the new products such as the RFtoy and the ESPtoy.

One of the first sections of the RFtoy forum would be a place to generate a list of captured codes for devices. It would be constantly updated by postings of people on the forum. It would be listed by frequency (if known) and Manufacturer model number. The frequency can be determined by the FCC ID number printed on any transmitting device and can be looked up on line.

My second suggestion would be for a future circuit board update that would include PC board pads that would match “Grove” connectors for adding sensors of various type and perhaps use one for the RF transmitter connection. Also cut a few slots in the top of the cover for sensor wires to go thru.