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Today was the first sprinkler job since updating as Ray suggested.  Everything ran okay.

One thing that David mentioned that is similar to my situation, is when I first discovered the zone running for too long, bringing up the web interface did seem to trigger it to stop.

I’d also like to mention that I’ve been having problems with my wifi dropping out, which there does seem to be some history with the RPi and Edimax interfaces.

Apparently there’s an issue with the interface going in to a low power mode.  I followed the guidance here last night:

It’s too early to say for certain that it’s a fix for my situation, but the results so far have been positive.

With respect to the cron report, I think that’s due to the guidance one follows.  When I was first experimenting installing OS, I followed Ray’s guidance in the following thread.  He has you add a cron job.

However, most recently I followed Claudio’s guidance in this thread.

In Claudio’s write-up, he has you adding the startup to init.d.  So I think that might explain why I didn’t have a cron entry, and possibly why the build script I ran last night complained about the following:

update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing

insserv: script service OpenSprinkler already provided!

Since OS starts on bootup, I think I’m okay on this respect.

It would be nice to get confirmation that the rc.d script that Claudio provides is the same that Ray is using in his latest build.

I’ll continue to monitor and report back if I see any problems with the scheduled job time durations.