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The version number is wrong because some upcoming changes for 2.1.4 got accidently pushed to the master branch and since the instructions tell you to clone master branch, you ended up with the latest working copy of 2.1.4.

1) On the home page, each station is listed with a gear icon on the right hand side. As the manual explains, if you tap this gear icon it opens a popup with some settings for the station selected. Currently, the app won’t let you rename master stations but this will be changed in the next version but every other station can be named without issues. The work around for master station naming, is to remove the master station, rename the station, and set it back to master station.

2) The app is constantly polling the controller and if it cannot reach it, it will show a network error banner across the bottom. Is the app or web page device on a remote connection or local? The web-page has no timeout period, so it is quite odd so see a network error however the app has a 6 second timeout on attempts to poll the controller (and retries 3 times before considering the attempt failed) hence why you might see the error.