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I’m decent with python, however, a lot of the methods for writing logs and incorporating changes into the core files for opensprinkler is a bit beyond my scope and time available.  You are more than free to use any or all of the code with or without credit.  I have been using this in a very rudimentary manner by adjusting my runtimes based on the outputs.  I run the script about every hour and have an autoit script log into my OS and edit the program for me.  Total hackjob but it does a fantastic job of watering only when needed, and avoids watering in less than desirable conditions.  It would be awesome to see it incorporated in a truly functional manner.

I assume I would submit the pull request to the weather script section of the repo?  My biggest hangup came when the run times were reduced to save space, until then it worked well, now it balances between slight over and under watering.  I was using the 1mm times multiplied by the ET up until that change was implemented, as the ET output is mm of water required, and that made it a perfect candidate for that method.  I suppose the 1mm time could be multiplied by the desired single run max and then converted to a percentage of the max, and use the current format of the Zimmerman method.

I sincerely thank everyone that has put effort into making this one of the most end user friendly sprinkler systems I have come across.  I also have a basic winterization system i have been working on using a few electrically activated valves, to shut off and drain the water lines whenever a freeze is detected, which could easily incorporate dates for areas like where I live in Colorado which restrict water before and after certain dates.  Right now it uses a single zone to turn off the main water valve, and open the drain lines to stop pipes from bursting, but I’m sure I could look into the wireless device add-on capabilities that appear to be incorporated into the OS system.