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Thanks Augustin, but I am quite sure you won’t run into any problems with that distance and AWG 🙂

As for my case – I must correct myself – on the cable box there is a 0.4 mm print. It does not say what does that 0.4 mm represent. However on the cable sheath “24 AWG” is printed, meaning a conductor diameter of 0.5 mm, not 0.4 mm. So I have used these two calculators and they both came up with similar voltage drop:


of around 2.65 V – for

distance = 52 m

current intensity = 0.29 A

diameter = 24 AWG

material = copper (CAT 5e UTP cable)


More than that, I did a dry run on a 52 meters cable (tested with actual hardware, but electrovalve was not installed at location yet). The solenoid actuated in this test, and I did the readings:

25.9 VAC at source outlet

22.2 VAC at solenoid inlet

So, uhm.. I am confused about this. The calculated 2.65  VAC and the measured 3.7 VAC are pretty far away from each other. Although 22.2 ought to be enough for the solenoid to operate even a pressurized valve, I am still confused about this discrepancy. Where did I go wrong ?


Thanks again!