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I am able to replicate this issue using the configuration you have pasted. This has nothing to do with DHCP as the app will not import DHCP setting (this would change the IP and cause all subsequent import requests to fail).

The issue seems to be with the /jn reply. After I imported your configuration, this is the reply the controller gives when requesting /jn:

{"masop":[125,255,255,255],"ignore_rain":[64,0,1,4],"masop2":[0,0,0,0],"stn_dis":[128,160,136,208],"rfstn":[0,0,0,0],"stn_seq":[247,254,191,219],"snames":["old goat h20","goat rotors","circle house","west pepper drip","house spray","west goat canal","dog north","Future Master","drip trees","west rotor","mideast rotor","east rotor","bananas","goat h20 pen","refill pond","banana drip","dog east","jr","outside circle","e.gto removed","impact goat"," spray","house drip","back chicken","se gto h20","front chicken","gto water","deice spray","dragon fruit","jugua papaya","blk greenhouse","bwn greenhouse"

This is a partial reply and I know Ray added some logic to split the payload into smaller packets in 2.1.4 and right now I suspect it is the culprit. Once he is available, I will reference this post so we can hopefully find a fix. Unfortunately, for now it seems reverting back to 2.1.3 in your case will be the best solution, while we get this fixed.

Thank you