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I honestly never even thought about backward compatibility issues, as I picked up my OS right when data logging was made available, and essentially installed an SD card on day one, before I set anything else up. I could see how this would be a problem for you guys, and is of little consequence to me as a single user. I’ll just go forward with the updates for myself. I suppose I could get it figured out and fork the project so others could mess with it as well, if they want to take on the additional task of installing an SD and updating the firmware, without affecting the general user.
The time compression thing just seemed odd to me, but again I’m a single user, so I’ve already modified my own to meet my needs. I was just wondering why the granularity wasn’t linear, and I didn’t really see an answer in the forum thread about it. If it was there and I missed it, I apologize, but I like understanding why decisions are made the way they are, perhaps to the dismay of the designers and programmers.

Thanks for the reply and insight, your product and continued support is quite incredible. I used to run a major commercial irrigation system, and I am far more impressed with the capabilities of your device and staff.

Anyway, back to playing with my sprinklers 😀 Thanks again,