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Awesome. Thanks Shawn! Really appreciate the guidance and advice.

I have a .2 acre property and 11 stations, with 47 sprinkler heads, so it will take a while to get all the measurements. However, I really like the idea of the science-based watering.

What I’m thinking now is using that interface I built to run the calculates and push the data to the OS. I’ll run it every 15 minutes, and also use the data from the calls to populate the weather details in my system.

I’m not strong in python, so I’m wondering if I can ask for two enhancements. If not no problem, I can probably hack it together, just be nice that I don’t have too much of a custom piece:

– take a command line argument as the path to the logs and ET data.

– print out current conditions, and save them to a file. Maybe tab delimited to make parsing easier:
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘observation_epoch’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘weather’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘temp_f’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘temp_c’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘relative_humidity’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘wind_string’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘wind_dir”‘]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘wind_degrees’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘wind_mph’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘wind_kph’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘solar radiation’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘precip_1hr_in’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘precip_1hr_metric’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘precip_today_string’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘precip_today_in’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘precip_today_metric’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘icon’]
– wuData[‘current_observation’][‘icon_url’]
– Is_Raining. I think this is calculated somewhere else, just a 1 or 0 if actually raining…