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“Also two other channels were turned yellow and some strange figures appeared.”
can you be more specific? Do you have a screenshot?

Thanks for the reply, Ray.
No unfortunately I did not take any screenshot.

I have the screenshot of the log:

The program was started manually:
The channel “Prato,sole” started and stopped regularly after a minute, the scheduled time (+ 8 sec from evapotranspiration adjustment)
then the channel “Prato,ombra” started and was expected to run for 30 sec + extra time from evapotranspiration adjustment

The sprinklers were watering, and the dot for “Prato,sole” on the main screen turned from red to green.
I cannot remember if the yellow dots appeared at the very same time to the green one, but “Prato,ombra” was yellow after the green/red change on “Prato,sole”.
Within the “Prato,ombra” frame there was a yellow dot on the left, the sprinklers were watering and a sentence appeared under the name of the channel.
The sentence was something about time and I remember it was about 2:49 hours.
At the same time, on the main screen two channels (“Vasi” and “Fasce laterali”) were in the very same conditions of “Prato,ombra” (yellow dot and all the rest), but the sprinklers were not watering and the times were about 16h:something and 29h:something.
I stopped the whole thing by “Stop all stations”.