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@jchiar Interesting. I’m not seeing this error, and the only way I could replicate it was by messing up the YAML spacing. Once I did that, I see that exact error. I’ve learned that YAML can be picky about it’s spacing.

For YAML, the first sub-item is 2 spaces, then 2nd subitem is 4 spaces from the left margin.

There’s 3 things we can try:
1) Re-download the config.yaml from github. This time we can use wget to get an exact copy.
Save a copy of your existing config.yaml and run wget from inside /home/pi

2) Run this on the command line. It should tell you which line and column is invalid.
python -c "import yaml; yaml.load( open('config.yaml', 'r'), Loader=yaml.Loader )"

For example, if there is an extra space in front of “port”, it’ll return expected <block end>, but found '<block mapping start>' in "config.yaml", line 3, column 4

3) Lastly, paste your config file into this site to validate it.
(You should remove your API keys just in case they track those kinds of things).

It should tell you whether it’s OK or if it failed, and where it failed.