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I am having a similar issue all of a sudden. Last night the percentage was at 200%. I’ve never seen that before. I rebooted the OS and it changed to 105%. This morning it again was at 200%, i rebooted and it returned to 107%. Maybe there is a problem with the updated script.

I never really want to see more than 110% anyway, no matter what. Perhaps there can be a max and/or minimum percentage amount setting, so that if the weather calculations return such a large amount (200%) it won’t allow more than 110% (or whatever i set the max to) anyway.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but the weather diagnostics show:
Precip yesterday T” (not a typo it has the letter “T”)
Precip Today -999.00″ (again not a typo it shows “-999.00”)