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Hi Zoltán.

Using a ruler, from what I could see, I have about 9-10mm available on the left edge of the OS housing and the right edge of the Hunter housing. So in theory it could fit. I’m sure you are aware you still need to convert the other end of the cable’s USB A connector to a Micro-B plug to connect to the TP-Link Nano unit (i.e Micro-B plug is the male end – though the USB standard uses plug/receptacle terms instead of male/female). There is space behind the OS (once mounted onto the posts) to “bury” converters/adapters/gender-benders.

I have noticed that with USB B connectors, they don’t seem to go completely flush when mating so you might find that it sits a little proud of the OS sprinkler receptacle, how far is anyone’s guess. You may need to try it out to know for sure. There is a little play by mounting the OS unit to the Hunter mounting posts a little further to the right thus giving you more room on the left, but note this will shift the same constraints to the RJ45 Ethernet connection, though that cable is so flat and flexible I half suspect you can make it work without causing undue forces onto the OS parts or the cable itself.

My suggestion would be to not mount/fix/screw/glue the OS housing onto the Hunter mounting posts until you’ve assessed your USB connection spacing and balanced it on both ends. Bear in mind that when the Hunter door closes you don’t want it to catch anything or cause you to force anything.

Hope that helps!