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I’m still thinking about using a cell/gsm/gprs connection for my OpenSprinkler (OS). I found an old topic talking about GSM shields. Apparently Ray says the serial communication is different than how OS sends commands via ethernet thus requiring software changes to make it work. I’m not exactly sure what that means technically (SOUNDS like application specific networking stack programming). I’m guessing that may be the reason it seems NO ONE IS DOING THIS?

Just thinking about having a GSM link as my connection to and from my OS….that would need to be an ‘always on’ connection ready to receive connections remotely. It seems Weathermatic already has a solution for this. They use cell network air cards for ‘always on’ connections enabling remote communication with their SmartLine controllers. In fact, I’m going to install one at my little league complex this week. An entire 16 zone bundle costs ~$800 with weather station, controller and air card and 1yr cell service. After that it’s $200/yr (non metered flow) and $300/yr (metered flow).

Obviously Weathermatic is putting together a whole commercial solution offering but it sure would be nice to have a cheaper, more DIY option to those that want it.