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Thanks so much for the info.

I see in the questions/answers on Amazon that apparently this only works with T-Mobile in the USA and only 2G. That might not be a big problem though since we aren’t moving much data to/from an OpenSprinkler.

This device might work but here’s my thoughts/questions:

Power: This unit runs on a rechargeable battery. Doesn’t look like this unit comes with a power adapter. If I can leave it plugged in using it’s micro USB cable to a compatible micro USB wall charger, then the power issue is taken care of (I think).

Ethernet: If I’m using the cell network for the public internet connection, would I be able to simply plug it into the ethernet port on the OpenSprinkler (OS) and would the OS use the 3G device as it’s router/internet connection?

Public IP: Which cell carriers hand out public IP addresses for these 3G cell devices? I’ve heard some do and some don’t? I’m actually chatting with AT&T rep online right now and it doesn’t look like they offer static/public IPs.

Port Fwd: Presuming I get a public accessible IP, does this device offer port forwarding to an internal IP and port (the OpenSprinkler)?