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Hmm, its a little bit tricky.

Thats an idea to make a small server that stores the sensordate from own weatherstation and simulate the Wunderground API.

But i think this is little to much for small DIY weatherstations. You need the sensor and a small webserver. If you want to make the sensor to the webserver, you cant use a powersave mode (active all x times).

There are still two further solutions:

1) The weatherstation calculate the waterlevel and send it to the OS. easy. it just overwrite the old wl.
This function exits. Sorry, i just found it now. API call (controller option) “/co?pw=PASSWORD_MD5_Hash&o23=100” to set waterlevel to 100%
If i set the waterlevel manually. Will the next weathercall overwrite it?

2) The weatherstation send the sensor data (rain,temp,…) to the OS. The OS calc with the wl adjustemt method the currend waterlevel and update the current value. Need to change the firmware… maybe in later… 😉

A small fallback routine could check the last manual wl set from the own weatherstation. Is it to old -> go back to Wunderground.