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Hi Ray,
I understand that it does not currently hardware version of the other terminal, but I use OSPi and I have no problem to connect additional pin. The problem I see is that applications from Samer does not actually choose both sensors (flow and rain). I would in the future be used only OpenSprinkler Unified Firmware instead OSPy. Currently did not work LCDs and other features that I had OSPy from Rimco OSPy. But the Application of Samer is God! The problem is that I am not a guru in C ++ and other things. Originally it was OSPi from Dan (I started to learn Python), then I switched to OSPy from Rimco (and re-started everything from scratch – ie plugins for OSPy). Currently I see the opportunity to start doing everything properly in OpenSprinkler Unified Firmware, but are fading and I’m not able to do much of anything. Today I tried all day to get into Uni fw I2C LCD support, but only same mistakes …. I would also like to participate as a contributor (I have a lot of sensors in the system OSPy). I have no problem to build your own hardware to test (for example, support the buttons in OSPi as the Arduino hardware version).
Thanks Martin