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Sorry to hear about the issues. To make sure we are on the same page:

1. You said one controller is set to use auto rain delay, and that set a rain delay to January 2016, is that correct? I assume the other two are on Zimmerman’s algorithm?
2. Check ‘Weather Diagnostics’, which you can access the sidebar menu. Check ‘Last Successful Weather Call’ (there is also an item called ‘Last Weather Call’, which indicates when the last call was sent out, but it’s the successful call time stamp that indicates the correctly received call). Is it up to date? If this is not up to date, that means it’s not getting the returns of the weather query.
3. If the last successful weather calls are up to date, then there is probably some issue with the weather script that causes incorrect calculations. We’ve received one previous report of the auto rain delay setting a overly large delay time, so it may be due to a bug in the script and we will check immediately. For the Zimmerman algorithm, however, the issues we received were mostly due to unsuccessful weather calls, and were due to a bug in firmware 2.1.4. The latest firmware 2.1.6 has fixed the bugs and should be pretty reliable in getting weather query results.