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So I made a little headway, maybe you guys can help me diagnose this. I Reset the controller options and Station Names on the 2.16. After which I was able to start to pull weather information. I then re-imported my settings and it would fail. So I reset it again. Interesting when you do the reset it keeps your wunderground key but not location. It also keeps your programs. So I re-entered my station names and setup the controller and it is not pulling weather diagnostics.

So I tried this on my 2.1 HW version with FW 2.14 and it fixed it as well. I did the same tests importing the json file and then the weather would fail. So I reset it and reprogrammed it again and it seems to working as well.

I saved my json files, I will attempt to export my current setup and then re-import to see if it works or maybe this could be the source of the problem.