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Alright, so here is a picture of my CA Water Restrictions settings. The water percentage was at 100% but then we got rain. Which set the controller on to a water delay of 48 Hours and set the water percentage to 0% for some reason. The water delay expired on December 15 at 22:27. Yet the water percentage remained at 0%. I am not sure why the water percentage would have changed with my settings, as the CA Water Restriction is not based on watering percentage.

Also, note on the bottom of the screen the alert which shows the last run station which in this case are Area Lights that run from dusk to dawn. So I can only get one alert, so the rain delay alert was not accessible on this device. There needs to be a way to view multiple alerts, whether it is a button or we click on the status alert below to display more. Maybe there is a way an I am just not seeing it.