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I manage a very large HOA community is about 69 acres. I have over 40 controllers with an average of 24-40 irrigation stations on each one. Along with this I have common area lights that are controlled on Intermatic Timers/Dusk to dawn sensors which control these.

So when I first came across Rays Hobby project when it was just at FW 2.1 it had a very primitive web interface. I had communicated with Ray during this early process. So for me the control center would allow me to monitor all of these controllers all in one central point. I was also going to add the dusk to done features for the lighting as well and possibly some electro-magnetic dead bolts as well.

The design of my control software would be 2 options, to let the timers run in auto mode, or in manual mode and let the control center actually be the controller, the os units take direct command from a central control point.

Then Samer came aboard and the web interface had a complete overhaul and dusk to dawn features were implemented. So I stopped working on my control center. But the other night I busted it open and updated the api calls to the 2.14 and above and at minimal will get it going to be a diagnostic tool. Also, since I have monitors (security) with smart phones that monitor gps detex, parking monitoring, and area cameras, I will be able to give them access to the common area lighting controls and any other controls I choose to without giving them full access.

So I am using Ubiquity AP’s in conjunction with Open Sprinkler devices, 24vac Relays and Hikvision cameras which are all tied in together to give an affordable option for Weather based irrigation control, lighting controls and in one swoop create a wireless wifi mesh for our security cameras.

In any event probably more info than you wanted to here, but overall the systems work well. The OS devices have been reliable, and with Samer and Ray on the job of ironing out the little quirks of the FW, the web gui interface will work.

What would be nice in the webgui is to have more pertinent status information on the main page always.

Here are a couple pictures to see this in action.