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So, now that I have good wifi coverage over my 8.5 acres, I’d like to have remote control of other things using wifi connected RPIS (in addition to my 20+ irrigation zones)

Front entrance lights
Pond fountain & lights
Pool LED lights

I like the mobile app for controlling thing and I see how to define a station as remote and give it an ip address (but haven’t tried it yet). But, it from the mobile app viewpoint, it looks like there is a one to one mapping between the 8 stations and remote stations.

The number of local stations (8, unless expanded) is limited by the hardware-the triacs and shift register outputs. But, why should remote stations be limited to only 8? Or, why give up control of one or more of the local stations to support remote stations?

I’m thinking this is was a convenient way to extend the functionality of the existing applications rather than a limitation of the hardware?