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AdC buttons worked on my first prototype but control of the unit require double pressing that is not possible with 3 ADC buttons.

Yesterday I have fixed the logging that wasn’t working….all other OS features seams to work but I have just tested only 2 Hw configurations!

So please do all the test you want I just let me know if everything is OK!

Then we can go on and think about improvements :

-I want to bring the weather routines inside the code so that it could be possible to change the algorithms and take into account local sensors.
-It should be also feasible to change the display and buttons (Now the local control of the unit is really complex and “unfriendly”):may be a touch screen display…should do the work much better!

I want also to write a code to run in a remote master unit for control and coordination of several OpenSprinklers!

If you have time,and wish to participate……….there is a lot to do!