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Hi Ray, thank you for the very detailed response..
It was an interesting Video to watch..

With your Sequential Group concept, Could I effetely put Stations 1 & 2 in a group (Group A) to run in parallel, then Stations 3,4 and 5 in a group (Group B) also to run parallel. Then schedule Group A to run for 20 minutes, and Group B to run for 30 minutes. Would the outcome then be, that station 1 and 2 run for 20 minutes together, then at the end of the 20 minutes stations 3,4 and 5 run for their 30 minutes all together?
If so, this would be perfect….

Where do I find the current value in the UI? This alone would be very helpful. Maybe also if the average current draw is listed in the Logs, similar to the flow rate. This could give a bit of history to look back over to check when a problem occurred even.
I’m running the following versions.

App Version: 1.4.9
Firmware: 2.1.6
Hardware Version: OSPi-AC

One again, thank you for the replay. Much appreciated.