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I attached a mostly working…no guarantees…zip containing firmware that incorporates ET directly into it.
To use it you have to have an SD card installed on your controller. It will not work with OSPI, I don’t have one and didn’t bother to make the changes for it.

compile and upload the firmware to your controller

After it is loaded and running things will change a bit for creating and loading programs. As the current APP/UI will not work with it for a lot of features.

1) Connect to the IP of your controller and change your password
2) set your time zone and location
3) add your weather key
4) hit submit
5) browse to h t t p ://OS-IP/cp?pw=MD5-Password&pid=-1&v=[195,127,0,[20540,16444,12318,8252],[60,60,60,4,5,6,7,0],[0,0,0,1,0,0,1,0],[50,150]]&name=Weather1mm

this will make a program to run everyday using et with starttimes based on sunrise and set after the duration is plant height 0= <4″ 1= >4″ following that is min and max mm to water per cycle

6) go to the controller turn off the power, hold down B3, and turn it back on.
7) click B3 until you reach weather algo: and set it to 3

after that you should be running, if you want to see the python script I can make that available, right now it is messy but works fine and is used as default. Use /su to change back to and use another weather algo.

Everything should work but I make no promises, use entirely at your own risk, and modify as you see fit. I do not have the time to support this…I will respond to general questions but it may take a while.