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Yes, I realize the hash is static. The call in general was just more work that writing a few values out.

The problem with the master is that 95% of the time I want everything attached to a particular master – and I like being able to hit the main menu and manually launch one of them with no fuss. This means I leave them associated with that master. My problem is the 5% of the time when I need a different master. I don’t want to be constantly reconfiguring the master to make it work, or running without a master (running valves in parallel) to get around the master issue because while the parallel approach works well in a program, it doesn’t work well when I want to just manually fire one off. Through and API could reprogram the master just so I could turn around and call the valve and get it to work the way I want, and then reprogram the master when I’m done, but that’s a lot of hassle for something that should be fairly simple. For the moment, I’ve got a quick and dirty script that simply stops OpenSprinkler, does it’s deal (for the fertigation unit), and then fires OpenSprinkler back up when it’s done. I don’t like stopping OpenSprinkler, but it works. I may consider modifying OpenSprinkler to get something closer to what I want. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve done serious coding in C, but I think I can get back up to speed fairly quickly if I decide I want to do it.

I do very much appreciate your Open Source approach 🙂